Gerard Thomas Illustration

Gerard Thomas Illustration



Selected works.

gerard thomas illustration - stick fort number 4
gerard thomas illustration - stick fort number 1
gerard thomas illustration - hidden delights
gerard thomas illustration - stick fort number 3
gerard thomas illustration - petroleum breaths
gerard thomas illustration - avoca sunrise

Commercial Illustration

Illustration for infographics, posters and t-shirts.

gerard thomas illustration - unlikely
gerard thomas illustration - lab-gear
gerard thomas illustration - ride
gerard thomas illustration - tubes
gerard thomas illustration - cammofluer
gerard thomas illustration - velo info
gerard thomas illustration - zeppelin
gerard thomas illustration - qbert
gerard thomas illustration - velo alphabet

In Print

Examples of work in print.

Gerard Thomas Illustration - Journey Magazine #2
Gerard Thomas Illustration, Sydney - Ride Journal #2
Gerard Thomas Illustration, Sydney - Journey Magazine #3
Gerard thomas Illustration - Lab-Gear advertisment

The Contact Patch

Finding the ‘essence’ within great automotive designs and boiling it down to the most simple profile, or detail; to create forms that are abstract, yet instantly recognisable to any automotive fan.

Open edition giclée prints..

The Pheobus Intercept - Gerard Thomas Illustration
Quantum Ropes - Gerard Thomas Illustration
Gerard Thomas Illustration - A Moment In Time
gerard thomas illustration sub orbital machnie 9
A Roll Of The Die - Gerard Thomas Illustration
The Mobility of Archeology - Gerard Thomas Illustration
Running For The Stars - Gerard Thomas Illustration
The Oddity Principle Pt.1 - Gerard Thomas Illustration
Recalcitrant Technologies - Gerard Thomas Illustration
Gerard Thomas Illustration - The Jones Parallel
The Oddity Principle - Gerard Thomas Illustration
Grains of Sand - Gerard Thomas Illustration

A historical exploration told in micro tales, 'Points', on a far flung future's timeline.

Take the journey...


Remembering Peter Elson

Reading Time: 3 minutes There is no doubt, other than Foss, Peter Elson was a powerhouse of the heyday of science fiction illustration and books with his covers always got my attention.

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Gerard Thomas Illustration - World War II Infographics review

An Infographic Tour de Force

Reading Time: 3 minutes Unlike most books on the subject, which are either pictorial or voluminous in nature, World War II Infographics takes the interesting approach of interpreting the mountains of statistical data compiled after the war

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Bang Bang - conflict in art

Bang Bang

Reading Time: 2 minutes Conflict is at the core of so much the entertainment we consume, from print through to games. In many ways though, it can often be the ‘lazy’ option.

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Masamune Shirow aka Masanori Ota

Reading Time: 8 minutes I was hooked instantly – hard not to be, as what it held in its pages was so far beyond what I had seen elsewhere; partly because Manga was a fully matured and accepted form of publishing in Japan.

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Terran Trade Authority

Reading Time: 6 minutes But what’s best about these books? What would make me track them down, and pay a premium, so many years later?

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Kow Yokoyama: Ma.K. Sketchbook

Reading Time: 4 minutes Up to three decades old in places, Yokoyama’s sketchbook reflects a distinctive style and stance that is so difficult to find these days.

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Shaun Tan – a brief thought

Reading Time: 4 minutes I don’t find it easy to describe just what it is about Shaun Tan’s work, both literary and illustrative, that I find so enchanting.

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Concepts and illustrations for the unknown

Graduating Art Center College of Design as an Industrial Designer, I went on to work for Ducati Motorcycles in Italy, experiential marketing agencies, head of design for Californian based Mountaincycles and ran my own architectural 3D visualisation studio. . . amongst other things.

Today, based in Sydney, I concentrate on illustration and concept design, using my diverse background and over active imagination to conceive, visualise and narrate a broad range of subject matter.

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