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pens & markers, vector, 3D...

gerard thomas illustration - stick fort number 4
gerard thomas illustration - stick fort number 1
gerard thomas illustration - hidden delights
gerard thomas illustration - stick fort number 3
gerard thomas illustration - petroleum breaths
gerard thomas illustration - avoca sunrise
gerard thomas illustration - unlikely
gerard thomas illustration - lab-gear
gerard thomas illustration - ride
gerard thomas illustration - tubes
gerard thomas illustration - cammofluer
gerard thomas illustration - velo info
gerard thomas illustration - zeppelin
gerard thomas illustration - qbert
gerard thomas illustration - velo alphabet
Gerard Thomas Illustration - Journey Magazine #2
Gerard Thomas Illustration, Sydney - Ride Journal #2
Gerard Thomas Illustration, Sydney - Journey Magazine #3
Gerard thomas Illustration - Lab-Gear advertisment

The Contact Patch

Finding the ‘essence’ within great automotive designs and boiling it down to the most simple profile, or detail; to create forms that are abstract, yet instantly recognisable to any automotive fan.

Open edition giclée prints..


I like spaceships and things...

The Pheobus Intercept - Gerard Thomas Illustration
Quantum Ropes - Gerard Thomas Illustration
Gerard Thomas Illustration - A Moment In Time
gerard thomas illustration sub orbital machnie 9
A Roll Of The Die - Gerard Thomas Illustration
The Mobility of Archeology - Gerard Thomas Illustration
Running For The Stars - Gerard Thomas Illustration
The Oddity Principle Pt.1 - Gerard Thomas Illustration
Recalcitrant Technologies - Gerard Thomas Illustration
Gerard Thomas Illustration - The Jones Parallel
The Oddity Principle - Gerard Thomas Illustration
Grains of Sand - Gerard Thomas Illustration

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GErard Thomas Illustration - Inspiration: John Harris

Inspiration: John Harris

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you like thinking about things far beyond our own mortal concerns, and you like science fiction art, this is a short film well worth your watching.

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GErard thomas Illustration XP-Pen Star g640 review

XP-Pen Star G640 tablet review

Reading Time: 4 minutes I needed something to save my thumb and XP-Pen’s Star G640 came to the rescue.

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Clip Paint Studio - A real paper replacement?

Clip Studio Paint – a true replacement for pen and paper?

Reading Time: 5 minutes As much as I like pen and paper, having endless sketchbooks or loose sheets pile up, or worse, inadvertently end up in the bin, was a pain.

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Colin Wilson – More than black and white

Reading Time: 4 minutes A strong use of negative space with an almost sketchy, yet controlled line work, Wilson’s panels are dynamic pieces of art.

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Remembering Peter Elson

Reading Time: 3 minutes There is no doubt, other than Foss, Peter Elson was a powerhouse of the heyday of science fiction illustration and books with his covers always got my attention.

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Gerard Thomas Illustration - World War II Infographics review

An Infographic Tour de Force

Reading Time: 3 minutes Unlike most books on the subject, which are either pictorial or voluminous in nature, World War II Infographics takes the interesting approach of interpreting the mountains of statistical data compiled after the war

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The Iliad & The Odyssey by Gillian Cross

Reading Time: 3 minutes Homer: The Iliad & The Odyssey, as presented by Cross and Packer can not be recommended enough

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Bang Bang - conflict in art

Bang Bang

Reading Time: 2 minutes Conflict is at the core of so much the entertainment we consume, from print through to games. In many ways though, it can often be the ‘lazy’ option.

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Masamune Shirow aka Masanori Ota

Reading Time: 8 minutes I was hooked instantly – hard not to be, as what it held in its pages was so far beyond what I had seen elsewhere; partly because Manga was a fully matured and accepted form of publishing in Japan.

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Terran Trade Authority

Reading Time: 6 minutes But what’s best about these books? What would make me track them down, and pay a premium, so many years later?

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word building...

For a span and some they inched their way deeper into the void; inhabiting, acquiring... plundering. With each forward step another layer peeled away, revealing a new marvel the universe had held close to its chest. And with each marvel, a doorway leading them deeper still.

Then, in what seemed like an instant, they vanished. Left behind, monolithic foundations spread over the void, the remains of their construct with no indication as to how, or why… or even who.

Dormant for an eon, their outposts and technologies, neatly ordered, lay in wait to be woken from slumber – the bones of a vast, ready made civilisation awaiting to begin once again.

And at the centre of this complex, a lifeless system and a planet that seemingly held the clues to what lay before; and what may lie ahead. Clues it would not give up easily…”

Paperback Covers
Paperback Covers
The Oddity Principle Pt.1
The Oddity Principle Pt.2
Paperback Covers
A Roll of the Die
How did we end up here?
A Moment In Time
Horizon Lines
Recalcitrant Technologies
Grains of sand
The Mobility of Archeology
Quantum Ropes
The Ignus Candidate

designing for speed...

Gerard Thomas Illustration - Moto 3 Aprilia
Gerard Thomas Bicycle Concept and Design - Mountaincycle
Gerard Thomas Bicycle Concept and Design - Mountaincycle
Gerard Thomas Motorcycle Concept and Design
Gerard Thomas Bicycle Concept and Design - Mountaincycle
Gerard Thomas Motorcycle Concept and Design

diary of a space person

My top 10 favourite aircraft

I have always been interested in the design of aircraft, being of the opinion they represent the ultimate expression of the maxim – form follows function.

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Welcome back analogue, I’ve missed you

It was one of those strange waterfall of events, one of those where one decision leads to another and another and before you know it, you are somewhere else entirely.

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Modern building, ancient ideas

The idea of being able to construct small structures from heavier and more ‘environmentally’ efficient materials, all from a catalogue of blocks that could be easily handled onsite by a few people is an idea well worth investigating. Imagine how the urban landscape would change visually…

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GKR – Giant Killer Robots

Game flow is nice and simple, broken into 5 phases with the last one, ‘tagging’, being the crux of the game. The first player to tag a building with four ‘holotags’ gets to demolish it – demolish four, and you win. Simple, eh?

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The problem about writing a review, or opinion, about Valerian is where to even start? I write this after only having watched it once and thinking about it still leaves me swimming in its vast ocean.

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Appleseed Alpha

Hands down, ‘Alpha’ is the best interpretation of the original Manga to date.

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Appleseed Ex Machina

While it definitely has it’s moments of ‘goodness’, Ex Machina is more a film for true Anime geeks…

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Dante's Principle - Gerard Thomas Illustration

Einstein-Rosen bridges

We accept, somehow, that at the flip of a switch and push of a lever, Han Solo can push the Millenium Falcon into hyperspace.

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Faster than light

We accept, somehow, that at the flip of a switch and push of a lever, Han Solo can push the Millenium Falcon into hyperspace.

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Rez, a true modern classic

If you never have, try and check Rez out. You might not click with it right away but when you do, and you will, it will all make sense.

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Concepts and illustrations for the unknown

Graduating Art Center College of Design as an Industrial Designer, I went on to work for Ducati Motorcycles in Italy, experiential marketing agencies, head of design for Californian based Mountaincycles and ran my own architectural 3D visualisation studio. . . amongst other things.

Today, based in Sydney, I concentrate on illustration and concept design, using my diverse background and over active imagination to conceive, visualise and narrate a broad range of subject matter.

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