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00: Introduction

In a future where mankind’s history is lost to time and greed, MAG-100 tells a story of exploration, mystery and madness in an intertwined, non-linear story arc.




How do I read MAG-100?

MAG-100 is made up of individual tales, each being a small point in time in the MAG-100 universe. As such the story arc is non linear, meaning you can read the tales in any order you like, without it (hopefully) affecting your enjoyment. Additionally, ‘cross index’ pointers, related links to other tales to help expand and connect the background, are included at the end of various tales.

Extended Content?

‘Extended Content’ expands tales by including additional ‘detail’ or supplementary content. You can see what the extended content may look like in Tale 07.

Extended content is accessed via a code, which is provided when you sign up to my newsletter, or if you prefer, by joining my Facebook group – The Poolside Lounge (Tale O7 does not require the code to view the content).

Gerard Thomas, Illustrator

After graduating Art Center College of Design as an Industrial Designer with an analogue skillset, Gerard went on to work for Ducati Motorcycles in Italy, experiential marketing agencies, head of design for Californian based Mountaincycles and ran his own architectural 3D visualisation studio. . . amongst other things.

The one thing all his roles have had in common was the need to visually communicate ideas, concepts and designs; sketching, drawing and illustrating has always been part of 'the job'.

Today, based in Sydney, Gerard concentrates on illustration and concept design, using his diverse background and over active imagination to conceive and visualise a broad range of subject matter.

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