11: Reports

It was a lottery that nabbed him this office. The manager-in-chief who previously occupied the space vanished out in the field; maybe the joke crews told about ‘office folk’ going into the field was true? The view from the corner office was what made it the best in the department and why, after much bitch’n about who’s getting it, upper management decided to run a lottery – winner takes all, regardless of title.

And Tony took all.

Of course the view over the southern bowl made it hard to get any work done. It wasn’t that the view itself was all that much better than others but this particular vantage point had a direct line of sight to the plasma streams that rose from deep within the bowl. The pointy heads were trying to work that one out but for now, it was something that was hard not to look away from.

Tony was using the view as an excuse not to read the report marked priority that appeared in the desk. He’d been here for just over a year and arrived 10 years after first planetfall. Before this, he was running a base on Col:8, and while he hated intersystem travel, this place was just too interesting to ignore. By time he arrived, the citadel ships had landed, so what had started as rudimentary operations camps were now towering habitats; the day job was more than interesting and there was plenty to amuse him in his off hours.

The report blinked orange.

Something was not right though; he started to get the feeling about 5 months in. While he could not put his finger on it, it was becoming clear that upper management was working to a different plan than what they were letting the crews in on. Odd, when you think the crews did all the work, held all the skills and rip knows if anyone in the ‘o’ corp knew how to scout, mine, or for that matter even know how to turn on a scout truck.

Upper management knew something and was keeping it to themselves.

The report blinked.

Stretching, Tony took another sip of his coffee; Col: 8 beans…

The report blinked.

Tapping the report, it opened in front of him.

Increased drilling on the Eastern Rim. More crews being sent into the bowl to ‘prospect’ but the ore they were supposed to be mining, at least according to the geo, was all to be found in the Southern Rift….

And there was that uncomfortable feeling again.

At least he had a great view…

copyright 2020 Gerard Thomas

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