12+: Brain Bucket

He called them ‘brain buckets’, the fortified containers that held the organic which controlled just about every system on the ship. This particular one he scored from a wreckers for a reasonable price, and when the price for gear like this is reasonable, you don’t ask too many questions.

The bowl had been scrubbed and recoated in a tasteful blue colour, which matched exactly nothing in the cockpit, but there were remnants of the original markings on the base. They were a bit concerning but again, when the price is good…

The original organic installed on the ship was fried when the the reactor surged; that’s something else best not spoken about. He keeps it to himself as the whole event was somewhat unsettling – organics were supposed to be like machines, organic granted, but machines none the less. He could have sworn though that the bowl squealed when it was fried… he never looked at them the same way again, imagined or not.

Gerard Thomas Illustration - mag-100.com; 'Brain Bucket'

It probably was ‘just him’ but he could of sworn the tech shot him the odd suspicious glance as she hooked the bowl into the system. “Good luck with that” she said on her way out.

‘Good luck with that’? What was that supposed to mean…?

It was during a very routine entry that he noticed it; to be realistic, it was hard not to notice it. 5 minutes in and the ship lurched hard to the right. Not a ‘normal’ lurch – normal is what you get when atmospheric pressures shunt you around. He’d spent enough time in military boats to know this was an evasive manoeuvre…

copyright 2020 Gerard Thomas

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