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Snapshots Along The Timeline Of A Future History


Analogue signals from the digital multiverse… Welcome to Tour Of A Universe.


When the Australian Government said ‘stay home’, the order became an enforced form of much needed focus. I made several sketchbooks and spent days, weeks, glued to my Wacom learning ZBrush & Keyshot; projects well overdue. On the surface, making sketchbooks and learning software seemed at complete odds, yet as it turned out they were anything but.

Without going into a longwinded monologue (which I am sure you’d love to read),  it was not until I undertook these two very different projects, that I realised together they ultimately represented my creative process  – loose, very ‘non-precious’ sketching, to quickly visualise ideas and 3D, as I have always mentally visualised in three dimensional space, to create final images.

Where Tour of A Universe had been a series of ongoing false starts spanning 24 odd months, the enormity of the idea always overwhelming me, the process of going from words, to quick sketching, then right into 3D, foregoing the more traditional 2D developmental pipeline, was a process that fully gelled with what I was trying to do; and Tour Of A Universe, finally, took on a momentum of its own.

Update Log

2020 8 7: Reformatted episode index page.

2020 6 7: Episode 007: ‘Vantage Points’ added.

2020 4 7: Set episodes 001 & 002 as full content samples.

2020 3 7: Episode restructure + sign-in system setup for extended content.

2020 30 6: Set up ‘Sign In’ system for viewing all content.

2020 27 6: Updated navigation system on episode pages.

2020 25 6: Fixed mobile link 003 > 004 in Episode 003.

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