The ‘new’ economy benefits the few

But here’s a question — in another ten years time, will it be great for your kids?

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On becoming an ‘adult’

What does being an adult mean? Being boring? Talking about mortgages?

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Welcome back analogue, I’ve missed you

It was one of those strange waterfall of events, one of those where one decision leads to another and another and before you know it, you are somewhere else entirely.

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There is no wrong in art

This issue came to a head very recently. I woke up with a ‘eureka’ moment and madly went out to my desk and put the scribble on paper. A critical design concept I had been playing with for months had come together – finally I had something I was really happy with.

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Beware the social media

The more I looked, the more flumoxed I became. Yes, I had all the tools and some very rusty ability, but what I do, and the way I prefer to do it, is ‘different’ to what I was seeing everyday.

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