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Audi Quatro - Colour of Speed edition

Factory Quattro

“I have just experienced a convincing view of the future. Quattro will change the rally scene once and for all.

– Hannu Mikkola


“A car for me is like a dress – you like it for different reasons but it’s also important that it gives you confidence. I have driven many great cars: for example I love the Alpine, because it was the very first car I drove and it suited my driving style of not sliding. I also loved the Lancia Stratos, even though I drove it only once. Then there was the Porsche, which I also loved because of the noise.

But the car that gave me the most confidence was the Audi Quattro. I drove Audi Quattros for five years and of course you get used to it and get the confidence. But it was also a fantastic car to drive with the new four-wheel-drive technology.

It wasn’t especially easy to drive at the beginning, and there was a lot more torque in the later Quattros but the car gave you so much confidence that you thought you could fly.”

– Michèle Mouton, 1982 WRC runner-up, FIA Women in Motorsport Commission president.

Museum-quality archival Giclée print with the following specification:


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