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Holden Commodore HDT VK

HDT ‘Big Banger’ VK

It put a Day-Glo orange full stop on the local Group C era of Australian touring car racing in 1984 prior to the introduction of all-new cars under new international Group A rules the following year.

The HDT ‘Big Bangers’ dominated the 1984 Bathurst classic, Brock and Larry Perkins leading home teammates John Harvey/David Parsons in a unique 1-2 formation finish. It was the third straight win by Brock and Perkins and the sixth from seven years for Brock and the HDT. Despite the pair of new cars being obsolete at the end of 1984, Brock’s HDT built two brand-new VK model Commodore race cars even though only four Group C races remained. Sponsors expected that the team would have the latest and greatest at Bathurst. HDT was going to see Group C off with a bang – and the pre-event publicity poster summed it up perfectly: ‘The Last of the Big Bangers’, hence the car’s nickname.

– Lloyds

Museum-quality archival Giclée print with the following specification:


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