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Porsche 917

Porsche 917

“Piëch’s Porsche 917 came to life only because the FIA changed the rules to prevent cars like it from existing. Ford’s GT40 (and the Lola T70) proved to be so totally dominant at events like Le Mans that in 1968 the homologation numbers for Group 4 (5.0-liter sports car class) were lowered from 50 to 25, opening the door to other manufacturers. Porsche’s racing arm had already been building close to 25 prototype cars a year under Piëch’s stewardship, dating back to 1965. This seemed like a no brainer. Furthermore, they could sell the surplus cars to privateers, recouping some of the development costs. With only 10 months to go before the start of the season, Piëch set out to develop a car that could take on and defeat the world’s best. Hey, why not?”

– Jalopnik

Museum-quality archival Giclée print with the following specification:


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