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Less than a half year after the first design was penned, the 936 hit the track early in April of 1976. The use of ‘off the shelf’ parts certainly contributed to the quick to development. In its latest guise, the six cylinder engine now produced 520 bhp, which looked sufficient to take on the latest Alfa Romeos and Renaults. Painted flat-black, the 936 made its competition debut in the Nürburgring 1000 km race, where a stuck throttle cable slowed the car down. Porsche’s day was saved as Joest’s Turbocharged 908/3 took the win.

Throughout the season the 936 was developed and most notably grew a large central air scoop that fed air to the fan cooling the engine block; the heads were water cooled through a front mounted radiator. Although it was by no means a perfect race, Jacky Ickx and Gijs van Lennep piloted one of the two 936s to victory at Le Mans that year. The 936 would continue to dominate the season and won every one of the remaining six rounds of the World Sports Car Championship.

Museum-quality archival Giclée print with the following specification:


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